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The only content engagement solution designed for life sciences events.

Array’s technology and services offer event planners a stress-free solution for presenting content, engaging audiences, and measuring impact across your in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.

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Deploy Array anywhere.


Connect and network with an audience in the same room. Array is available on managed iPads or on audience members’ personal devices to ensure you can measure engagement.


Share content remotely without sacrificing interaction. Audiences can access Array on their own devices through a secure web portal, with nothing to install or configure.


Create a consistent experience for a combined audience of virtual and in-person participants that can access the same content and interactive features no matter where they are.

Array is designed for life sciences events like these:



Create meaningful interactions with Array Content Engagement Software.

Our software enables audiences to interact with presentations, content, and presenters, and also provides analytics to measure engagement, ensuring you have meaningful events.

  • Engage your audience with 25+ content and event interaction types, including polls, surveys, digitally managed Q&As, gamification, and more

  • Keep presenters focused with a simple interface that allows them to view polling data, respond to audience questions, and request technical support

  • Collect data from your audience with detailed reporting on which members engaged, which slides were compelling, cross-meeting trends, and more

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array content engagement solution for life sciences shown on phone, tablet and desktop

our professionals supporting you during a life sciences event

Eliminate surprises on event day with Array Client Success.

Array’s client success team manages, produces, and supports you before, during, and after your event. We have your back to ensure everyone leaves happy and you stay stress-free.

  • Support your presenters with software training prior to your event, audience instruction at the start, and technical support during the presentation

  • Collaborate with our program management team to ensure smooth planning and execution of your event so that stakeholder goals can be exceeded

  • Minimize the risk of technical issues with a dedicated event technician who solves your problems before you even need to ask

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Upgrade your in-person events with Array Managed iPads.

Array ships, sets-up, and manages event iPads via a secure network so that you can rely on the technology to provide your audience with a distraction-free experience.

  • Eliminate audience distractions with managed Apple iPads, pre-loaded with Array software and free of other apps. 
  • Focus on your event while we handle shipping, sanitizing, and setting up each device for a compelling audience experience

  • Depend on our private and secure local area network which ensures connectivity, reduced cost, and eliminates technical issues.

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man using ipads at an in-person life sciences event

Ready to improve engagement at your next life sciences event?

Talk with an expert and see a software demo to understand how we can help you create a successful, smooth, and meaningful event — no matter where your audience is. 

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