Success Stories

Learn more about how Array's Content Engagement Platform offers the technical support, production expertise, and analytics to help life sciences companies maximize the impact of in-person, virtual, and hybrid life sciences meetings.

Pharma Company Improves Participant Learning and Business Outcomes

We helped a pharmaceutical company identify key moments for content improvements and engagement opportunities with a direct before-and-after comparison.

Array Helps Study Team Avoid Trial Delays with Improved Investigator Training

With the help of Array, the client was able to evaluate and close a critical gap in investigator knowledge and avoid costly trial delays.

How Did a Pharma Company Mitigate Speaker Training Compliance Risks?

Array’s expertise and content engagement solutions helped this pharmaceutical company identify speakers at risk of discussing off-label use.

How Did We Help a Client to Better Engage Their Advisory Board?

Learn more about how Array helped the client gather real-time insights to adapt to changing technology guidelines for diabetes care.

CME Meetings Company Improves Engagement and Knowledge Retention with Array

A CME meeting company used Array solutions to integrate gaming, live elements, and other engagement tools to deliver an impactful learning experience.

How Did PharmaHealthLabs Train More Speakers and Maintain Key Faculty?

Array's flexibility allows PharmaHEALTHLabs to retain a critical speaker with a last-minute pivot to a hybrid format.

How to Increase Your Hybrid Event Engagement

Learn more about how a life sciences company was able to improve virtual and in-person participant engagement at an internal board meeting.

Array Helps Company Reduce Distractions and Improve Investigator Engagement

Summit Management Group was able to demonstrate data-backed improvements in attendee engagement for virtual and in-person investigators.

A Leading CME Provider Increases Engagement 10x at Satellite Symposia

Array's audience engagement tools enabled this leading continuing medical education provider to increase their engagement levels by tenfold.