Allow Participants to Engage with Content in their Native Language with our Live Interpretation on iPads.

Make your meetings more inclusive, effective, and enjoyable with live interpretation on iPads in combination with our engagement technology. 


Break language barriers and ensure everyone is on the same page.

  • Attendees can listen to presentations in their native language, enhancing their understanding and engagement.
  • Access to engagement tools on our Array Managed iPads® means attendees can actively participate and contribute during the meeting, regardless of their language.
  • No need for expensive translation booths or flying in interpreters, which means a significant cost reduction for your meetings.


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Unlock the Power of Seamless Communication

Want to revolutionize the way you communicate during in-person meetings? Our new interpretation service on iPads is the latest addition to our suite of innovative services, enabling all attendees to fully understand presentations and discussions in their native language.

Why choose us?

  • Engage your audience with our technology on our Array Managed iPads
  • Increase knowledge transfer with our content engagement technology tools
  • Generate actionable insights with our Analytics & Insights (AIM) team


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Connect and communicate with your audience.


Every attendee deserves to be included, and our efficient and seamless process makes that easy.

Get the Solution Overview

Create the best and most effective experience for your audience.


Enhanced understanding

With live interpretation on iPads, meeting attendees can listen to presentations in their native language which enhances their understanding and engagement.


Access to engagement tools

The interpretation service is integrated with engagement tools in the platform, allowing attendees to actively participate and contribute during the meeting, regardless of their language.


Efficient & seamless process

The interpretation service is efficient and seamless, with no need for larger meeting rooms, setup, or teardown of translation booths, making it easier to schedule and conduct meetings.


More inclusive meetings

By breaking down language barriers, the interpretation service makes meetings more inclusive, ensuring everyone can participate and contribute.


Skilled & experienced interpreters

The virtual interpreters providing the interpretation service are highly skilled and experienced, guaranteeing a smooth and seamless interpretation experience for all attendees.


Improved stakeholder satisfaction

By providing a more inclusive and engaging meeting experience, the interpretation service can improve customer satisfaction and help businesses build stronger relationships with their clients and partners.

Ready to create the most inclusive and effective meeting?

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