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Take the stress out of event day with Array Client Success Services

Our client success team manages, produces, and supports you before, during, and after your event.

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We help you execute intricate and highly choreographed events for life sciences.

Before the Event

Content set-up
Engagement best practices
Presenter rehearsal

On Event Day

Audience & speaker support
Technical support
Managed iPads

After the Event

Coaching & feedback
Audience saved slides & notes
Data insights reporting

Event planners are expected to do more than ever. We’re here to help.

Virtual, and hybrid events are now the norm in the life sciences. Even in-person events are more complex now, thanks to increased audience expectations. These changes have added complexity and new responsibilities to your role as an event planner. Array’s client success team helps you reduce stress and surprises on event day— to ensure audiences are engaged and impressed, presenters feel supported and at ease, and stakeholder event goals are exceeded.


Every event with Array includes the support of a Program Manager and an Event Technician.

Our team collaborates with you for smooth execution of your events — from planning and preparation to evaluation and improvement.

Content set-up & audience moderation:

Before the event, our team uploads your content into the software and creates polling questions, surveys, and any other engagement features you choose. As the event starts, your program manager can act as meeting moderator, welcoming audience members and introducing them to the technology.

Tech support & quality control:

Our team makes sure everything is perfect, relieving you of stressful tech support duties. Our in-house, live tech support is always on for attendees and presenters in case of technical or connection issues. If you need additional technical solutions, we’ll help provide recommendations.

Presenter training:

Prior to the event, we meet with presenters to ensure their equipment is working and they are fully trained on how to use all aspects of the software. For virtual events, we provide tips for audio quality, lighting, sound, camera, background layout, and anything presenters need to make them look and feel professional while presenting.

Consulting & recommendations:

Following the event, you will get an immediate report containing all the collected raw data. Shortly thereafter you will receive insights from our team on key takeaways from that data. To dig deeper,  our team can consult with you to review engagement data from across your events, so you can improve and impress in the future.

Specifically designed to address the unique challenges of the life sciences industry.

Our Client Success Services are specifically designed to address the unique challenges of the life sciences industry. Array has been used at over 7,000 life sciences events across pharma, bioscience, medtech, and continuing medical education segments.


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Array has been used at life sciences events for companies like these:


Ready for a smooth, stress-free experience planning your next virtual, in-person, or hybrid life sciences event?

Talk with an expert and see a software demo to understand how we can help you create a successful, smooth, and meaningful event — no matter where your audience is.

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