Evolve Your Investigator Meetings

Host engaging investigator meetings that motivate investigators, meet your training goals and close knowledge gaps, and gain key insights to keep your clinical study moving forward with Array content engagement technology.

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Improve engagement & participation

Improve engagement & participation

Identify & close knowledge gaps

Identify & close knowledge gaps

Reinforce protocol & enrollment criteria

Reinforce protocol & enrollment criteria

Maximize Learning to Prevent Costly Trial Delays

Make sure investigators understand your study's inclusion and exclusion criteria before the meeting is over. Array engages participants and provides and provides immediate metrics of their knowledge retention through polling and Q&A sessions. With these tools, you can see what percent of investigators misunderstand critical pieces of clinical trial information while in the room so you can close knowledge gaps - preventing costly trial delays. 








Increase Participation and Problem-Solving

With Array's interactive tools, you can help your participants stay engaged with your training content. By keeping investigators involved, you'll be more likely to effectively motivate study sites, ensure the necessary training takes place, and uncover issues and challenges that need addressing for a lower risk, efficient clinical trial. Robust data is captured down to the individual level to inform your decision making. Array’s content engagement tools include:

  • Real-time polling and surveys
  • Case scenarios to assess decision-making
  • Asking questions (text)
  • Saving slides
  • Typing & drawing slide notes
  • Competitive gamification

Gain Actionable Insights from Investigator Meetings

Learn how to gather actionable insights from your investigator meetings to meet your training goals and prevent costly clinical trial delays with 5 essential steps.

  • Engage investigators and clinical trial teams to capture more data
  • Ask the right questions to get meaningful metrics
  • Identify knowledge gaps to tailor additional training and follow-up
  • Gather feedback to amend protocol early on
  • Assess technology and technical support needs to achieve your goals

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Actionable Insights from Investigator Meetings

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Ensure Learning Across the Miles

It's important that every investigator receives the same training, even if they can't attend in-person. Array makes it easy to create hybrid investigator meetings, with a synchronous engagement experience for both in-person and virtual participants. 

  • In-person investigators interact with Array on managed iPads® that are set-up, sanitized, and pre-loaded with your meeting content
  • Virtual investigators interact with Array on their own computer or device
  • Everything is seen and heard by all presenters and participants 







Identify and Plan Around Critical Information

It's critical that you identify and plan around the most important details for your clinical trial investigators. Array can work with you to ensure that the content is presented in the most effective way possible. We can help you strategize the flow of information and recommend a variety of tools to help assess understanding, from polling to adding icons to slides of greater importance.

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Collect Data and Make Informed Business Decisions

With Array, you will quickly and easily get a 360-view of all feedback and engagement actions from a single investigator meeting or across multiple meetings. With these insights, you'll understand:

  • Which investigators were engaged
  • Topics on which there might still be confusion
  • Collective and individual polling responses
  • Q&A
  • Slide annotations to augment verbal feedback
  • Which content was most compelling

Array makes it simple for you to get the data you need to make sound decisions about your clinical study - so why wait?

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Focus on the Feedback, Not the Tech

With our client success services, we'll help you plan and execute your investigator meetings flawlessly. We'll be there for you every step of the way, from preparation to execution to post-meeting follow-up and analytics.

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Need Assistance with a Measurement Strategy?

Our Analytics and Insights Management team is here to help you strategize the best ways to engage your healthcare professional audience and collect data that matters. Schedule some time with us so that we can help you take your investigator meetings to the next level.

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Get Insights into Shared and Site-Specific Concerns

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Improve Enrollment with Site-Specific Concerns 

By strategically engineering the meetings, you can gain feedback from investigators on questions, concerns, and enrollment challenges. Use the real-time results to generate discussions among the group as to how to address these. Following the meeting, the actionable insights you receive from Array will enable you to look at responses at the individual site level for a deeper understanding of the issues that impact them. 

Learn how Array's post-meeting analysis helped a life sciences company identify and address enrollment issues at individual sites. 

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