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Array Privacy Policy

Personal Information

When using the Educational Measures, LLC, d/b/a Array (“Array” or “we”)  products and services, we require users ("you" or "your") to provide personal information which typically consists of your e-mail address and information relating to your use of the Array products and services (collectively, the "Products"). Array collects and indefinitely retains your emails address and information relating your use of the Products (collectively, the "Personal Information.").


Protection of Personal Information

In order to protect your Personal Information, Array has implemented organizational and technical measures to protect against unauthorized access, illegal processing or distribution, as well as accidental loss, modification or destruction. To that end, Array employs a number of security measures in an effort to maintain the safety of your Personal Information, including, but, not limited to, encryption of network traffic during an event and SOC-2 compliant data centers.


Disclosure of Personal Information

Array will share your Personal Information with meeting sponsors and organizers in the form of Array’s Instant On-site Report for the meeting sponsors and organizers to use in cases of assessment, credit, and certifications - or for specific post-program follow- up.

Array will not share your information with any other parties except as provided herein.


Retention and Use of Information

Array indefinitely retains Personal Information so that Array may share your Personal Information with meeting sponsors and organizers in the form of Array’s Instant On-site Report.
Array retains your email address indefinitely so that (i) we may send information to your email address, such information including, but, not limited to, notes taken, slides, and other information and resources following a meeting or event; and (ii) our collection of this email address may enable you to use your unique email address to log into certain devices connected to the Array platform.
Array will not use your Personal Information for marketing purposes or distribute your Personal Information to any other parties except as provided herein.


Request for Access or Removal of Personal Information

Users may request access to or request the removal of Personal Information retained by Array. To request access or request removal of Personal Information, please email gdpr@arraylive.com.


Changes to our Privacy Policy

Array reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy and any changes to Array’s privacy policy will be posted at www.ArrayLive.com .

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