Learn more about how Array's Audience Engagement Platform offers the technical support, production expertise, and analytics to help life sciences companies maximize the impact of in-person, virtual, and hybrid life sciences meetings.

Take Speaker Trainings to New Heights

Harness the power of technology and ensure your participants are fully engaged and equipped with valuable knowledge to create more effective speaker trainings.

Take Product Theaters to the Next Level

Product theaters present a unique opportunity to have meaningful conversations with HCPs as potential customers. Array works with you from the planning stage to ensure the content stands out, engage audiences, and collect valuable data about the attendees.

Interpretation on iPads

Want to revolutionize the way you communicate during in-person meetings? Discover the power of our new interpretation service on iPads and experience seamless communication like never before.

Array Analytics Overview Document

Array's audience engagement tool provides a more nuanced perspective on the attendee experience and enables our clients to make data-driven decisions that improve the overall quality of their meetings and events.

Investigator Meeting Planning Timeline

Ensure every aspect of the investigator meeting planning process is addressed with this helpful timeline infographic.

Investigator Meeting Budget Template

Easily plan, manage, and track your investigator meetings budgets with this free budgeting template that does the hard work for you.

5 Steps to Improve Engagement at Advisory Board Meetings

To get the most of your advisory board meeting, engagement is critical. Implement these best practices to make your meetings more valuable and productive.

5 Steps to Gain Actionable Insights from Investigator Meetings

Gather actionable insights from your investigator meetings by using these 5 essential steps.

Hybrid Meeting Technology Checklist for Life Sciences

Avoid siloed audiences and create a synchronous hybrid meeting with this technology checklist.

Contingency Plan for Life Sciences Meetings

Future-proof your life sciences meetings and make planning for contingencies a turnkey process.

Audience Engagement Strategy for Life Sciences

Get the most from your life sciences events with these strategies for increasing audience engagement.

The Essential Guide to Planning Virtual and Hybrid Life Sciences Events

A must-have resource for advisory board, investigator meeting, CME, and other Life Sciences event planners. Everything you need to plan Virtual and Hybrid life sciences Events.