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Create interactive scientific symposia that improve healthcare professional knowledge and competence with Array's content engagement solutions.

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Make it engaging and memorable


Increase knowledge retention


Improve return on education

Create Memorable Educational Experiences

Make your educational symposium successful by generating excitement from the moment healthcare professionals walk in the room. Array provides managed iPads® for each attendee that are guaranteed to increase participation and diminish distractions for a more enjoyable learning experience. Each managed iPad® comes pre-loaded with your scientific content, connected to a secure, local network, and managed by our on-site team so your faculty can focus on delivering excellent education.






Build Continuous Engagement

Array provides the ideal platform to engage and exchange the latest scientific and clinical data with healthcare professionals. With our interactive features and real-time audience response tools, you can facilitate continuous engagement between your healthcare professional audience, presenters, and content in a variety of ways, including multimedia content, polls, games, slide interactions, and more.

  • Deploy surveys to gauge attendees' baseline knowledge and competence
  • Leverage fastest-responder polling to keep attendees engaged and on their toes
  • Slide saving and note-taking tools help attendees connect with content
  • Establish a two-way dialogue through text-based Q&A
  • Use push notifications to highlight critical data, insights, and content
  • Reinforce new content with downloadable resources

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Improve Knowledge Retention

Array's pre-and post polling features can improve knowledge retention by allowing healthcare professionals to learn how to apply new scientific information to real-world case scenarios with confidence. Additionally, participants will receive all slides and notes directly to their inbox so they can use the new information immediately when they return to practice.






Measure Return on Education

Use Array's suite of analytics tools to measure the impact of your educational symposia. Our detailed reports show you which healthcare professionals were engaged, what content was most compelling, and what areas need improvement. Share results with your stakeholders to keep them informed of your progress.

Focus on the Feedback, Not the Tech

With our client success services, we'll help you plan and execute your satellite symposia flawlessly. We'll be there for you every step of the way, from preparation to execution to post-meeting follow-up and analytics. 

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