Engineer engagement throughout your events with Array Analytics & Insights Management (AIM)

Advanced reporting, benchmarking, and consulting help you capture meaningful analytics —aligned with your meeting goals—to drive improved business outcomes.


Is your meeting data actionable? 

  • Are you collecting data at your meetings?
  • What are you doing with it?
  • Which content was most compelling?
  • Were all the learners trained effectively?
  • Will you execute your meetings more successfully?
  • Will your key messages hit their mark?


Analytics & Insights Management: The key to delivering impactful life sciences meetings

AIM’s unique and effective layering of clinical expertise, content engagement technology and data analysis ensures you:
  1. Align content/data to your strategy/goals
  2. Capture and report the most relevant data
  3. Generate context and actionable insights on
    • content effectiveness
    • attendee engagement
    • faculty performance
    • activity outcomes success
    • goals achievement

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The journey from data to actionable insights.


Insights lead to actions that improve future meetings and create business opportunities.

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Meet your dedicated AIM team

Your designated Array team of engagement specialists guide you to clearly define meeting objectives and goals, and develop agendas with interactive content that helps achieve those goals.

Insights Director

Med Affairs / CME Subject matter expert

  • Leads content-focused discussion with clients for goal setting and engagement engineering

  • Conducts in-depth content review of client material for alignment with goals, data insights, and recommendations
Engineering Engagement Manager

Operations and Communications Lead

  • Key liaison for coordinating AIM client meetings and communications

  • Develops client decks for reports, based on identifiable custom needs

  • Monitors client events for alignment with: agenda, timeline mapping, track discussions to contribute to client reports
Data Analyst

Analytics and Visualizations Expert

  • Provides data and data visualizations for reports based on data plan

  • Advises on potential for data standards and practices to facilitate aggregation and benchmarking

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Array Content Engagement Score™ (ACES)

Participants who are high engagers with Array have a nearly 20% improvement in knowledge compared to low engagers.

To get the most out of your meeting, you need to understand audience members’ level of engagement with speakers and the content presented. ACES is a proprietary participant-scoring methodology that highlights different engagement levels of the audience, allowing organizers of life sciences meetings to benchmark audience engagement across a series of meetings or against standards for a specific meeting type.

Unlock your meeting's insights potential.

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Partnering throughout the meeting lifecycle



Starting with the end in mind and planning for success through that lens is the only way to ensure goals and ROI objectives are met.


During Meeting

Professional support during the meeting improves content engagement adoption and increases the data capture yield required for actionable insights to be generated.



Leveraging automation and in-house clinical expertise moves reporting past vanity metrics and into the realm of storytelling analytics powered by meaningful experiences.



Every meeting provides a snapshot in time of the art of the possible. Combining those snapshots generates a unique source of reference to refine activity design and arm stakeholders with evidence of continued ROI success.

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