Traditional Event Tech Isn’t Right-Sized for Life Sciences Companies

February 9, 2024 Array Team

Life science meetings differ greatly from sales trainings, which are nothing like manufacturing summits. When it comes to which technology to use for a meeting, Goldilocks had it right. You need to find the perfect fit for your objectives and be comfortable with who you work with. While event technology may be the right fit for many events, life sciences companies that rely on meetings to educate, train and prepare health care professionals will be better served by something more. Array has innovative technology to help your attendees engage with the content and create a two-way flow of communication. However, what differentiates us from event tech companies is how we help every partner find the perfect fit, not a turnkey solution.

iPads© in the room

Many people recognize Array as the company that has “iPads in the room.” Yes, when we’re on site, you’ll see them there too. They’re a distraction-free and intimate way to deliver the meeting content.

They’re not iPads, though, they’re managed iPads. That’s an important difference because what is seen on the iPads is the result of planning and working together with clients to determine what the stakeholder wants the attendees to see, learn and do based on the meeting’s overall objectives. They employ engagement tools to keep attendees focused and active in the conversation and collect data from every interaction, including notetaking and saving slides. Most importantly, they are connected to our private Wi-Fi network that doesn’t rely on expensive and unpredictable hotel connections. 

There is also a technical team on site with those iPads, making sure things continue to go smoothly and keeping the meeting dynamic and informative. Meeting planners are pulled in so many directions. Our partners trust us to provide a positive attendee experience with the technology, which is one less thing to worry about.

Service first, last, always

Array has an expertise in working with life sciences companies; we understand the unique needs of this highly regulated industry. We stay abreast of developments that may impact life science meetings and develop solutions to help improve the outcomes of these meetings. During the pandemic, we improved our patented systems and methods to make sure our virtual and hybrid offerings brought about a high level of engagement and analytics. We knew life science meetings couldn’t stop when the world did, and data would be more important than ever.

Ultimately, we get to know our partners and they get to know our team as an extension of their own. Providing white-glove service is integral to Array because our technology is intentionally not DIY. We’re here to share our knowledge and expertise in how our technology can help you achieve your meeting goals.

Actionable insights

Rather than hand over raw data for you to sort through, our analytics and insights team will develop a data plan that tells the story of the meeting. The resulting report will provide an understanding of what content was retained and what needs to be reinforced, showcase trends based on demographic data, and help guide you on next steps. Our partners use our insights reports to plan additional meetings or follow-up, change elements of subsequent meetings in a series to make them more effective, or make organizational decisions based on health care providers’ stated interest or inclinations. In short, they use our reports to make significant business decisions.

When it comes to choosing a technology partner to use for your life sciences meeting, then, don’t settle for too hard, too big or just the wrong temperature for your needs. By combining service, technology and insights you’ll be able to cultivate a solution that is just right for your meeting needs.

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