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Upgrade your in-person events with Array’s Managed iPads®

Remove distractions for your audience and increase engagement.

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Keep your audience engaged and avoid technical failures on event day.

In-person events are often one-sided and don’t lend themselves to data collection and measurement. Array upgrades your in-person events with managed event iPads® for each audience member, so they can stay focused and easily interact with live content and presenters.



Hassle-free. Distraction-free.

We ship, sanitize, and set up each iPad® for you, so you don't have to worry about it on event day. Technical support is on sit to ensure the technology runs smoothly for your presenters and audience members. 

Array's iPads® are pre-loaded with your content and Array software – and free of other apps – so your audience stays focused on your speakers and content rather than their phones, upcoming schedules, or wandering minds.

Secure and reliable

Our devices run on a secure, private, local area network to ensure constant connectivity, reduce cost, and avoid technical issues.

Our local secure servers utilize multi-tenant authentication, HTTPs 128-bit encryption for secure data transfer, encrypted storage, and is SOC-2 compliant.  





Our team is committed to your audience’s safety. During your event, our technicians wear masks and latex gloves, have access to hand sanitizer, and are required to document their temperature and lack of symptoms.

We sanitize audience devices daily, provide individually wrapped styluses, and offer sanitizing wipes for each audience member.

Array’s Managed iPads® are specifically designed to address the unique challenges of the life sciences industry.

Our Managed iPads® are specifically designed to address the unique challenges of the life sciences industry. Array has been used at over 7,000 life sciences events across pharma, bioscience, medtech, and continuing medical education segments.



Million Attendees


Life Sciences Events


Years Industry Experience

Array has been used at life sciences events for companies like these:


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