2024 Mid-Year Recap: A Message from our CEO

June 20, 2024 Marc Crawford

2024 life sciences meeting midyear review

As we’re at the half-way point of 2024, I’m excited about progress we’ve made in several of the initiatives we outlined as priorities for the year. This includes the creation of new platform features for greater flexibility and a continued focus on forging and sustaining partnerships that help provide a more seamless experience for our clients.

Meeting clients where they are now

We’ve repeatedly heard that budgets are still in flux post-Covid. For pharmaceutical companies, one of the most effective ways to build their brand and relationships with HCPs is face-to-face interactions. As such, our clients are faced with planning meetings that are in-person, often with a hybrid element, while trying to balance the inflationary aspects of working with airlines, hotels and properties. All the while, they’re trying to ensure and even improve on educational/training quality, engagement around content and the capture of data and insights.

In this climate, we know we must be able to provide options for our clients. We understand the Array platform, delivery and support have to be flexible enough to work around some of these deployment constraints. Whether this means working within a bring your own device model instead of using the managed iPads® or offering virtual meetings that have the same robust data capture and engagement features as in-person, our product team is always working to develop solutions that provide more flexibility. For example, we are exploring an integration of Zoom and Array to streamline virtual and hybrid meetings for participants and clients. 

With high stakes meetings comes a greater need to demonstrate impact. We are working with our clients to make the most of our engagement and analytics features to help them demonstrate return on investment (ROI) or return on education (ROE) to their stakeholders. Our Analytics and Insights Management (AIM) team has been partnering with clients to develop meeting plans that deliver the type of insights that drive business decisions. On site, our program managers are working with them to ensure those plans go off without a hitch. This means they also recommend “in-the-moment” opportunities to capture insights through functionality like Snap Polls.

That combination of a flexible platform, demonstration of ROI, and meaningful metrics is going to help companies as they navigate the demand for higher value with more scrutinized budgets.

Meaningful partnerships

As their jobs have become even more complicated and stressful, our clients are looking for a more seamless workflow. We set out in 2024 to create partnerships that will enhance their experience. We were happy to announce the first of these partnerships in March, with Within3, an AI-powered insights management platform. Through this partnership, we can improve the way in which our clients gain insights before, during and after meetings and offer a more seamless approach to working with both teams. This should provide greater value with a much more cohesive approach that makes it easier for them.

Ultimately, we always see our role as serving as a valuable partner to our clients. While this means helping them get the most out of our platform and service, it also means we’re going to continue to develop new options to improve what they get from us, as well as forge new partnerships that can bring more value to their meetings. Throughout the rest of this year, we’ll continue to try to innovate and look for ways we can make our platform easier to deploy and support without sacrificing the high level of data collection and engagement features that best serves our clients.

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