Roadmap to Successful Meeting Insights: Webinar

May 2, 2023 Nora Hixson

On May 11, 2023 at 10am MT | 12pm ET, Chris Bryant, VP of Analytics, Insights, and Account Management and Derek Roy, Engineering Engagement Manager will present Roadmap to Successful Meeting Insights in a webinar hosted by Array on the Array Video collaborative solution. In this presentation Bryant and Roy will take you through the journey of what life sciences companies are doing today in terms of collecting and analyzing meeting data, what they could be doing better to get more meaningful metrics from this data, as well as clarifying what makes the insights that are gleaned from the metrics actionable and how to get there. They will go through what problems are being solved by appropriately engineering the engagement in your meetings with strategic business goals in mind as well as how Array does this through a unique combination of event technology, content analysis, and knowledgeable team members. Additionally, the experts will walk through a before and after scenario where they will be able to directly compare the results of a meeting with and without Array’s Analytics & Insights Management (AIM) process and team, proving success and demonstrating the importance of pre-planning for capturing appropriate and beneficial metrics. To conclude, Bryant and Roy will talk through three case-specific examples based on investigator meetings, advisory boards, and speaker programs and will make recommendations as to how to best structure engagement strategies for each meeting type based on their unique goals, followed by an open Q&A session. 

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What makes metrics actionable?

One of the key pieces of information that will be presented in this webinar will be how to know if your event metrics are meaningful and lead to actionable insights. Prioritizing the collection of meaningful metrics and focusing on the actionability of the insights gathered from these metrics will help you improve your business outcomes and prove the success of your meeting to your stakeholders. Some things to consider when determining whether or not your metrics are useful include:


  • Do they indicate what content was most compelling?
  • Do they prove that learners were trained effectively and knowledge transfer was high enough?
  • Do they provide recommendations for executing your events more efficiently and effectively in the future?
  • Do they identify which speakers may not have performed as well with the audience?
  • Do they reveal if key messages were conveyed and appropriately understood?
  • Do they tell the story of the success of your meeting?
  • Do they ensure that your ROI is recognizable and repeatable?


Making sure that the data that you collect from your events is beneficial to your stakeholders and business outcomes is pivotal in the planning process. Being able to prove the success of your meetings as well as continually improve on their effectiveness is important and is done more easily with proper analysis of your data. Don’t miss out on this educational webinar! Register now to learn how to properly plan and execute an effective and impactful life sciences meeting.

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