Hybrid Events Best Practices at ACEHP 2021 Virtual Annual Conference

January 25, 2021 Array Team

Array revealed hybrid event best practices at The Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions’s 2021 Virtual Annual Conference.




Marc Crawford - Chief Executive Officer

Roland Baumgardner - Vice President, Client Services

Mark Garcia - Vice President, Client Services


Most event planners believe that the majority of events will become hybrid–rather than staying entirely virtual or returning completely to in-person–after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed. A combination of in-person and virtual audience members will mean that planners will have to contend with twice as many variables when planning an event. Even though hybrid events may still be several months away, savvy planners should already be considering what types of technology and services will be required in order to seamlessly pull off these types of programs. 

A good hybrid solution should improve engagement during the event with interactive features as well as measure the impact and learning outcomes – all through a single platform in order to provide a consistent experience for both in-person and virtual audiences. Array has enhanced the hybrid deployment capabilities of its content engagement solution in anticipation of the return of in-person meetings with added virtual attendance options. 


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