Did you know: Array Offers Asynchronous Surveys

June 18, 2024 Array Team

Array Offers Asynchronous Surveys

Welcome to the first edition of our "Did You Know" series where we showcase innovative and useful capabilities that you might not know about Array's specialities and services.

Did you know Array can collect insights from your attendees before and after a meeting? This means you can look beyond the meeting’s timeline to gather actionable insights. Leveraging our new Asynchronous Surveys, data from pre- and post-meeting intervals, as well as from the meeting itself, is available on one platform and one data set. This significantly reduces the time planners and stakeholders spend combing through and combining disparate data sets from multiple platforms – if anyone is currently taking the time to do so.

Before the meeting you can, for example, find out which topics are most important to your attendees to adapt your agenda, or pretest their knowledge of key concepts. These answers will allow you to effectively and efficiently present more meaningful educational content during the meeting.

Additionally, the discovery of insights doesn’t have to end once the meeting does. Meetings often run over, and our clients have to choose which data-gathering opportunity to cut short. Sometimes this means limiting either post-test or evaluation responses to those still in attendance. Even when a meeting ends on time, often they’ll want to push out questions again to maximize the data collected, or even send new questions out based on what was learned in the live setting. Deploying Asynchronous Surveys not only extends that data capture opportunity for those who attend a meeting, but it provides an opportunity to reach registrants who were not able to attend at all- thus providing a richer data set!

After the meeting, it’s difficult and time consuming to pull together demographics and meeting preferences compiled from disparate sources such as a registration platform pre meeting, satisfaction surveys sent out via satisfaction surveys sent out via DIY survey websites, and meeting data from Array. Using our Asynchronous Surveys for everything saves time, effort and expense. Most importantly, by having all data in the Array platform, you will be able to develop more meaningful, actionable insights to inform your strategy moving forward.

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