Life sciences meeting organizers can now benchmark engagement effectiveness with Array’s new scoring system

October 22, 2021 Array Team

DENVER, CO -- Array, a leading content engagement solution for life sciences events, announced today the release of the Array Content Engagement Score (ACES). This proprietary scoring methodology allows organizers of life sciences events to evaluate audiences’ level of engagement with their content and presenters. Array’s scoring can be applied to investigator meetings, medical advisory boards, continuing medical education symposia, and select other life sciences events. 

“With the Array Content Engagement Score, life sciences companies are able to monitor engagement levels and correlate them to HCP participation in and compensation for events,” says Marc Crawford, CEO of Array. “No other provider breaks down engagement data by meeting type and provides a view into specific actions by individual participants.”

With ACES, Array aims to highlight the different roles that audience members can play in an event by placing them into four unique categories: Conversationalist, Contributor, Joiner, and Spectator. The most engaged participants, Conversationalists, add to discussion by submitting questions and generate valuable data by actively responding to polling. Meanwhile, the least engaged group “Spectators” merely attend events without active participation. Array’s data, collected through over 7,000 life sciences events, indicate that higher levels of engagement correlate with other benefits, such as better knowledge transfer and retention.

“Scoring is part of an overall strategy to help life sciences companies benchmark the effectiveness of their events and improve over time,” says Jeannie Griffin, Vice President of Product Management. “We are rolling out a variety of data products and services that will help raise the quality of events across the industry.”

The release of ACES is the latest step in Array’s mission to provide functionality and expertise specific to events in the life sciences industry. In early 2021, they rebranded from Educational Measures to Array and narrowed their focus exclusively to life sciences events. Since then, Array has surpassed 2,000 virtual events and begun executing hybrid events where in-person and remote audiences engage with the same speakers and content in real time. 



Array provides content engagement technology and services designed specifically for life sciences events – with nearly 20 years of experience at over 7,000 Life Sciences events. The unique interactive features in Array software can increase audience engagement by 80% and help to improve events with engagement analytics down to individual audience members. Array offers technical support and event production expertise to ensure the successful execution of virtual, in-person, and hybrid life sciences events. Based in Denver, CO, Array is a private company. 

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