Array’s Chris Bryant Shares How to Make Metrics Actionable, Tie to Strategic Goals, at ELI Webinar

August 15, 2022 Array Team

DENVER, CO -- Chris Bryant, Vice President of Analytics and Insights Management for Array, was among the presenters participating in the Event Leadership Institute’s webinar, “What’s Trending in Medical Meetings?” Array is the leading content engagement solution for life sciences events. During the webinar on July 20, Bryant spoke about content engagement techniques and the importance of ensuring that meetings are in line with the goals organizations set out.

“Never has that been more important,” he said. “With meetings getting more expensive to put on, you really need to make sure the metrics and data you’re collecting are telling the story of success.”

Bryant noted a vast majority of companies are collecting data and metrics at their meetings and there’s a small amount of data preparation being done. However, that generally stops with the visualization of the data, usually in the form of some charts and a spreadsheet. “It doesn’t get interesting until you start to push past that and start to analyze the data and metrics against the goals, look to communicate the insights you’re gathering around those metrics and then, crucially, take some action around them,” he urges.

To collect metrics that are actionable, he advises event organizers consider whether the metrics they plan to collect at an event:

  • Indicate what content was most compelling
  • Prove which learners were trained most effectively
  • Provide recommendations for executing your events more efficiently
  • Reveal if key messages hit their mark
  • Tell the story of success by showing you achieved your goals

“This is so critical and where I challenge you all to think about the goals of your meetings,” Bryant told attendees. “They could be different for different stakeholders; it could be you just want to know if everyone had a positive experience, or goals could speak to learning more about the training, motivation, or relationship development from an event, for example. Identify your goals up front and then plan for what metrics you’re collecting to prove that.”

Matching your data to your goals, he concluded, will help you leverage insights to make sure you’re getting the most ROI from meetings going forward. He stressed the significant benefits of actionable insights, and importance of making sure you’re not “just creating engagement for engagement’s sake.”

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Array is a content engagement partner for life sciences events – with nearly 20 years’ experience at over 10,000 events. Our unique combination of technology and services is proven to improve business results by engaging more than 90% of audience members and increasing knowledge transfer while collecting meaningful analytics down to the individual participant level for actionable insights. Array offers technical support, event production expertise, and analytics interpretation and guidance to maximize the impact of in-person, virtual, and hybrid life sciences events.

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