Array Receives Patent for Technology and Methods Behind its Content Engagement and Analytics

March 21, 2022 Array Team

DENVER, CO -- Array, a leading content engagement solution for life sciences events, today announced it has received a United States Patent (US Patent 16/943302) for the company’s “Systems and Methods for Improved Meeting Engagement,” which Array uses to deliver hybrid life sciences events with built-in engagement analytics and reporting. Array has nearly 20 years of experience at more than 10,000 life sciences events. 

Array is proven to engage over 90 percent of audience members, even in virtual events, where engagement often suffers. The company’s technology allows audiences to experience presentations, ask questions, participate in discussions and respond to polling in-person via a Managed iPad® or in a virtual/hybrid format. During life sciences events, Array collects engagement data at an individual and slide level, then provides consulting to ensure clients understand the data they collect and can use it to improve future events and make informed business decisions.

“When the pandemic brought about more reliance on virtual and hybrid formats, several technology providers had to learn, evolve and reconfigure their systems to present material in those formats. Since we had been doing it for years, we simply improved upon our existing systems and methods,” explains Marc Crawford, CEO of Array, adding the company applied for the patent on the technology three years ago. “Clients appreciated making a seamless transition to virtual and hybrid events without losing any of our robust engagement or analytics features.” 

Array’s hybrid solution provides an equally meaningful experience for onsite and offsite audiences, and yet yields a consolidated and truly representative capture of engagement data to interpret into insights. Theirs is one of the only hybrid solutions on the market that can facilitate interaction between any combination of in-person and remote audiences and presenters – including mixed panels – with both live and recorded content. Array’s hybrid solution was recently named a winner in the 2022 BIG Innovation Awards presented by the Business Intelligence Group.

“The approval of this patent comes at an exciting time, when we are expanding our data products and services to help raise the quality of events across the life sciences industry,” adds Crawford. 

In addition to using the patented technology to help customers transition to virtual/hybrid events, Array also recently introduced a proprietary scoring methodology (Array Content Engagement Score), based on the technology. 

Since 2021, Array has surpassed 2,700 virtual events and 250 hybrid events where in-person and remote audiences engage with the same speakers and content in real time.




Array is a content engagement partner for life sciences events – with nearly 20 years’ experience at over 10,000 events. Our unique combination of technology and services is proven to improve business results by engaging more than 90% of audience members and increasing knowledge transfer while collecting meaningful analytics down to the individual participant level for actionable insights. Array offers technical support, event production expertise, and analytics interpretation and guidance to maximize the impact of in-person, virtual, and hybrid life sciences events.

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