Array Announces Significant Updates to Improve Reporting and User Experience for Life Sciences Clients

April 19, 2022 Array Team

DENVER, CO -- Array, the leading content engagement partner for life sciences events, today released several significant updates to its technology. These changes were made with client feedback in-mind and with an eye toward future-proofing Array’s content engagement and insights generating capabilities. Array also has a redesigned look and feel that meets the evolving needs of in-person, virtual and hybrid events for all event stakeholders.

Array’s technology has been proven to actively engage more than 90 percent of both in-person and virtual audiences and improve knowledge transfer. Each of these audience interactions helps Array capture key information for audit tracking and compliance/reporting. Array’s updates better capture the data that is most important to achieving clients’ goals with a feature-set designed for increasing engagement and collecting quantifiable and relevant data. 

“The market is saturated with solutions that provide high level, basic functionality for engagement.  Array differentiates by providing expertise on life science events, focusing on engagement features that matter,” says Jeannie Griffin, vice president of product management at Array. “We have honed our software to provide the most relevant data collection opportunities for life sciences events, and our team is able to explain that data and generate actionable insights to help turn events into strategic business opportunities.” 

Other improvements impact user experience for organizers, presenters and attendees alike. This includes an easier to use presenter interface, bigger slides with better use of screen real estate, and ability for presenters to make changes to the user experience spontaneously during events. Presenters also enjoy easier navigation that helps focus more on content. For attendees, there is also an improved login and breakout joining experience. Additionally, organizers receive instant reporting that is cleaner, easier to understand and brings the most relevant data to the forefront.

Array’s updated technology allows clients to take advantage of the new Array Content Engagement Score™ (ACES).  This proprietary scoring methodology, released in October of 2021, allows organizers of life sciences events to categorize audiences by their level of engagement and benchmark across events. 

With these updates Array created a platform on which they can continue to improve client and user experiences as part of the company’s mission to provide functionality and expertise specific to events in the life sciences industry. In early 2021, the company rebranded from Educational Measures to Array and narrowed their focus exclusively to life sciences events. Since then, Array has surpassed 2,700 virtual events and 250 hybrid events where in-person and remote audiences engage with the same speakers and content in real time.



Array is a content engagement partner for life sciences events – with nearly 20 years’ experience at over 10,000 events. Our unique combination of technology and services is proven to improve business results by engaging more than 90% of audience members and increasing knowledge transfer while collecting meaningful analytics down to the individual participant level for actionable insights. Array offers technical support, event production expertise, and analytics interpretation and guidance to maximize the impact of in-person, virtual, and hybrid life sciences events.

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