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Contingency Planning for Life Sciences Meetings

Future-proof your life sciences meetings and make planning for contingencies a turnkey process that captures all the important details you don't want to overlook. 

Life Science meeting contingency plan checklist

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Build advanced flexibility into your event plans with our detailed checklist that covers:

  • How to proactively future-proof your meetings and prevent cancellations/postponements
  • Including vendors and venues in your contingency planning
  • Mapping your timeline for key deadlines and tasks
  • Effective communication once plans change
  • Logistical and technical considerations when creating a contingency plan
  • Remote audience and presenter considerations
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As a life sciences meeting organizer, you'll face unexpected challenges. Whether a speaker misses a flight, hotel reservations are lost, or food isn't up to par, it's essential to have a plan B (and even a plan C). With greater potential for surprises with live meetings than ever before, switching to a virtual or hybrid format may be your best choice. But it can be difficult to implement successfully without preparation. 

Use this checklist to ensure your event can  smoothly pivot to virtual or hybrid—no matter what issues may arise.

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