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Create a consistent experience across your in-person and virtual audiences


Array's Hybrid Solution

While most organizations are designing separate experiences for virtual and in-person audiences, Array doesn't believe in leaving any audience member behind. Our "true hybrid" solution allows you to create a single, unified event that both audiences can experience and engage with in the same way at the same time.

Full-Service Deployment

  • Pads® set up for every in-person participant, pre-loaded with Array content engagement software
  • Local closed secure network and local in-room server ensures better connectivity than WiFi
  • Array technicians on-site for set-up, streaming management, and live technical support
  • Speaker training before the event
  • Notes and saved slides sent to audience members after the event

In-depth Analysis, Instant Reporting

  • Collect data from virtual and in-person audiences as they both engage with your content in real-time
  • Access the On-Site Report as soon as your event ends
  • Track individual audience members’ engagement throughout the event

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Array’s hybrid content engagement solution


Content Engagement Software

To reduce audience distraction, Array content engagement software lets both in-person and remote audiences simultaneously interact with presentations, content, and presenters, and provides analytics to measure engagement for all audience members, ensuring you have meaningful hybrid events.


Client Success

Because no one likes surprises on event day, Array manages, produces, and supports you before, during, and after your event. We have your back to ensure everyone leaves happy - audiences are engaged and impressed, presenters feel supported and at-ease, and stakeholder event goals are exceeded.


Managed iPads

Since you can't risk technology failures at hybrid events, Array ships, sets-up, and manages event iPads that allow in-person audience members to interact with live presenters and content. Our devices are connected to a secure local network so that you can rely on the technology to provide your audience with a distraction-free experience.

Array is the content engagement solution of choice at events for companies like these:

Turning Point




Million Attendees


Life Sciences Events


Industry Experience

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